Shimano Twin Power XD

The Twin Power came in last year when I first ordered one by mistake. Since that day though, the XD has been our most popular high-end reel model. With the Stella being so expensive, and the Vanquish almost being too light and smooth to be true, the Twin Power gives anglers a high-spec reel that's designed to be fished with, rather than worried about. Robust, reliable reels with incredibly smooth drags and a lovely comfortable grip. Lightweight yes, but robust with it. They're designed as a crossover salt/freshwater reel so you know they'll be up to the job when our bass are concerned. 

Shimano Twin Power XD

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Buy the 3000: if you're on a sub-9' rod, or a lightweight rod (35g max.) less than 9'6".

Buy the 4000: if you're fishing a 9'+ model, or with a shorter heavier rod from the boat.

Buy the 5000: if you're on a heavier 9'6"+ rod, heaving bigger lures in to big seas.

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