Slash Code Zero Lepton BFS (LH)

A brand new development from Slash is their ultralight Bait Finesse reel. The shallow spool, ultralight construction and superb smoothness make it super for the job in hand.

I first played with the Slash casting reels about 5 years ago and was blown away by the quality they offered. Users of the new Code Zero will be stunned and surprised by a brand they may not have heard a lot about before. Until now!

  • £189.99

  • Our stock: 2

Ben says:

reel size required
anti reverse required
spare spool required
bearings required
reel length total required
rotor height required
spool_cap_area required
  • Weight: 175g
  • Gear Ratio: 7.1
  • Stated Line Capacity: 8lb-100m, PE0.8-150m (Rarely means much. Volumetric capacity is more accurate, even if it gives you no detail on loading capacity at present. I'm working on that!)