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It'll be no secret that I've always been a fan of the Spro kit having had the opportunity to visit their headquarters in Holland a few years ago. The brand is absolutely massive across Europe and luckily for me, their UK base is in Cornwall - like me!

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Distributed by Stewarts Angling Services, Stewart himself is brilliant when it comes to both the initial sales and range of products as well as his excellent backup service. If we have a problem, he helps - which is exactly what we need from every one of our suppliers. Especially if we have an issue with rods, we can arrange replacement sections almost immediately.

As a result of being based nearby, we also have the benefit of being able to quickly access almost ANY product from the Spro catalogue. I can just drive over there and take my pick of anything they have from the range. So if there's an item that you like the look of, just ask us about it. We can likely get it - fast!



The "Freestyle" range of products is something that they started a couple of years ago as a way of differentiating their cooler street-fishing products from their traditional (but excellent) all-round Spro brand. I hope it's been a big success for them as they have successfully managed to create some brilliant products to cover (in the UK), all costing under £100. Our shop sometimes takes some stick for even having the audacity to sell rods up to or over the £600 mark, but what most people don't realise is that this cheaper price point is by far and away our most important. It's also the one in which the market is most competitive.

You can click the link here to view the Freestyle street-fishing range.


The RETRO Range

Although not officially part of the Spro product category structure, the Spro brand has long been recognised by their black and yellow livery. In fact, many of the products now popular in the Freestyle range are simply rebranded SPRO products from the standard ranges. Not everyone likes the idea of looking "cool" while out fishing, and the traditional Spro, black and yellow ranges (or their camo options) suit a wide variety of more modest anglers out there. Especially within the luggage ranges here, you'll find some quality branded, retro Spro gear.


Spro is Gamakatsu?

What? The Gamakatsu hook brand has been known in the UK for decades. They produce some of the very finest hooks in the world and any angler will have heard of them.

Did you know that the Spro brand started as a way of distributing Gamakatsu products more easily to the European market?

Spro is actually owned by Gamakatsu and the Spro brand itself gives Gamakatsu (Japanese) a universally appealing, complete tackle range to compliment their quality hooks in the European market. Supplying hooks alone can be difficult without a larger distribution and customer base. By creating a separate unique brand, producing products dedicated to European fish and the anglers here, Gamakatsu have given themselves a far bigger base from which to operate on this continent. 

As a result of all this, although the Spro brand aims at the middle-ground market in terms of cost, in a lot of cases you're receiving high-end Japanese products for some great prices. Especially on the lure front where even the cheapest lures come equipped with some of the highest quality hooks available - something that cannot be matched by other mid-point brands.


Unique Products

Spro have a tendency to think a bit more outside the box than other brands. Especially with their new Freestyle range, many of the products are unlike anything we've seen before. Not only does the whole range offer great value, but they provide a genuinely thoughtful outlook with their tackle design. If you're having a problem, they've likely fixed it for you. Two that spring straight to my mind are the Freestyle Xtender rods and the Freestyle Dropshot Holder.


The Complete Spro Brand

Gamakatsu have decided to create some more discipline orientated sub-brands over the past few years. In addition to the Freestyle lure range, we've also seen the emergence of the Cresta (match fishing) brand. Their carp range runs under the brand name of "Strategy". All in all, what started as a Japanese fishing hook company has gone from strength to strength since launching themselves at Europe and beyond.

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