Spro Bottom Jig - 10g


These new jigs from Spro could very possibly revolutionise the way that a lot of anglers fish with soft plastic lures. Until now we've been in a position where you either fished a standar, fixed jighead, or you tried to get your hands on one of the very few weedless varieties. The Spro Bottom Jig gives you complete flexibility and versatility.

By carrying a selection of these, and a selection of hooks, you can pretty much make up your own hook and weight options to suit the conditions. You could use them with a weeless hook, or even with an aberdeen style to give you an exposed hook point. And your hook sizes could vary hugely! It's a rare opportunity to fish a small hook on what could be quite a big weight!

The other benefit, despite the fact that they look a bit weird (to us) is the uninhibited movement that they will give to your lure. With the weight being positioned a few millimetres in front of the lure's nose, when twitched or jigged you get a far greater movement from the lure. Constantly twitching the rod tip you can really get the lure sending out massive amounts of aggressive vibration. Of course though, you can take it slightly more subtly as well for calmer water or less aggressive retrieves.

An extremely versatile jig that will take the place of many jigs in any anglers box! Great for fresh or salt water, for almost any style of lure fishing!

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