Spro Dassault 1000 7+1bb


DAssault is a spinning reel in a league of its own, its aggressive looks mirror its performance. The BBR rotor maximises balance and strength for a smooth and fast rotation. The mechanism has been saltwater treated.

7 Ball bearings + 1 needle bearing
One-way Clutch anti-reverse system
Aluminium frame with carbon body cove
BBR (body balanced rotor)
Saltwater Resistant
Stainless steel shaft
Super smooth S-Curve gear system
Screw in Aluminium handle
Finely adjustable front drag.

CodeWeightRatioBBm/mmCode Spare
Spool Aluminium
1317 810264gr5,8:17+1160/0,251317 810 100
1317 820270gr5,8:17+1160/0,251317 820 100
1317 830300gr5,8:17+1107/0,331317 830 100
1317 840314gr5,8:17+1128/0,351317 840 100
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