Spro Guts Bait UV 95/110

Spro first launched their original Guts Bait range a couple of years ago. Like all things new, I think they did it as an experimentational step to begin. These are - admittedly - a modified Fiiish Black Minnow at heart and Fiiish must always be given credit for kickstarting such a great lure concept. That said, the differences that Spro have built in are all good! The original range included combo packs only; rigged lure/head/hook and two spare bodies. There were no individual replacement parts (bodies, heads or hooks) available. That’s changed for 2019! The Guts Bait is here as a true competitor in the game. Maybe not the entire game (there are only options between 10g and 18g available in two body sizes), but with the 2019 improvements, this is a lure now set for great popularity with bass and freshwater predator anglers alike.

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How is it different to the Black Minnow?

There are a few things actually, and these shouldn’t be read as criticisms of the brilliant Black Minnow (BM)(some are positives for the BM). They’re more facts about the Spro.

#1. Easier to rig. Confident lure anglers eventually get the knack of rigging a BM. It’s not difficult when you know how. Running a shop however, I see time and time again anglers struggling with rigging the BM. The BM system is very clever, but not easy. Often I have to volunteer to do entire packs for customers, and very often I see bodies tearing before they’ve even been fished with - which leads to point two.

#2. More durable plastic. Since the original Guts Bait, Spro have introduced a tougher (but equally soft) plastic with the UV range. The very best soft plastics tend to be the softest because they can swim more freely. It’s just a shame that it gets so costly when going through so many if you’re catching fish. While no match for Z-Man’s ElaZtech, the Guts Bait are going to catch you more fish per lure than they did before.

#3. The hook. While I’m a big VMC fan (who provide hooks for Fiiish) , being a slightly more “finesse” style lure than the BM, the Guts Bait UV utilises a slightly finer Gamakatsu Worm 330. These are SUPER sharp, highest quality hooks. And more than strong enough for any bass we’ll encounter in UK waters.

#4. Price. The Black Minnow range look perfect, I’ll give them that. The point of the nose and sharpness all-round are signs of quality. The Guts Bait may not have that absolute sharpness, but they still look superb - both in and out of the water. Comparatively, the Spro lures and parts are quite a bit cheaper by today’s standards. And they’re packed as individually rigged combos, so you can be fishing one for just £3.99. Hooks are cheaper but nicer than the Fiiish ones and the heads are good value too.

#5. Range. The Black Minnow is a force to be reckoned with. The Guts Bait UV doesn’t have anything like the range of sizes that the BM does. With Spro you are limited to 9.5cm and 11cm bodies and heads are only available in 10g, 14g or 18g sizes. And these spare heads are currently only available in white (combo heads are coloured to match the lure body) - not that most will complain about that since the lighter colours are always destined to be most popular in the UK. Luckily for us, the lure sizes that are available with the Guts Bait are EXACTLY right to suit the majority of our local Shore fishing for bass. So we’ll sell loads this year!

#6. UV. The theories behind UV light and fishes vision are interesting. Often we have a lure in the shop that becomes incredibly popular and catches a lot of fish, yet to look at the colour you’d think it crazy! Flash a UV torch around the shop however and all of a sudden those productive lures start standing out like beacons! They all reflect UV! Some of the BM colours do reflect UV, but not all. It’s a good thing and this range of Guts Baits is taking full advantage. Every lure colour in the range reflects UV light - and that’s rare on natural colour baits!

#7. It’s slimmer. The BM is a lovely fishy profile and the weedless Sandeel they’re introducing in 2019 will be awesome, but the tail of the Guts Bait is already slimmer - which I really like!

So there you have it; seven (well, 6 really) good reasons to buy a Guts Bait and catch more bass this year, for less.


Shore or Off-shore?

With the Guts Bait there is no such categorisation. The weights and sizes naturally suit shore fishing more specifically though. I've always considered Shore and Off-shore categories to confuse people anyway. Really it's always been more to do with weight, gravity and a swimming angle that has decided the placement of the eye and whether you'd use them from boat or shore (naturally you'd go heavier from the boat, and with a heavier head it's essential that the eye is placed further back, otherwise the lure will swim with its nose up and tail down). Lures packaged as "Shore" versions can always be used on the boat, and vice-versa. Maybe by 2020 Spro will be producing heavier versions that will be better suited to boat work?


How Does The Sizing Work?

Like the Black Minnow range, weights and lengths are not necessarily 100% clear when looking at them online or in the packs. The combo packs are split like this:

  • Guts Bait UV 95, 10g Combo has: 95mm body and a 10g head. In TOTAL, what you're actually fishing with is a lure that is 105mm long (head and body combined) and weighs a total of 17.5g (head, body and hook).
  • Guts Bait UV 110, 14g Combo has: 110mm body and a 14g head. In TOTAL, what you're actually fishing with is a lure that is 120mm long (head and body combined) and weighs a total of 23.5g (head, body and hook).

When buying individual replacement parts, they are what they say they are.


How To Rig Them?

There is no fiddly twisting and turning with the Guts Bait. Simply push the body on to the head by guiding the bent wire on the head through the hole at the thick end of the body. You don't have to glue it to the head at this point, but you can if you expect a good day. Next, turn the lure over to expose the belly. Push the hook up through the split in the belly and flip the eye over the bent wire clip on the head. Pull it tight on to the clip. With the hook attached (make sure it's the right way up), sneak the hook point up through the hole in the back - making sire that the hook point lies along the back of the lure rather than massively protruding - so ensure snagless presentation. That's it. You're ready to fish.



Spare Parts

The spare parts - especially the heads - are kind of cool with the Guts Bait. The heads (3 sizes) actually fit both of the available body sizes. This makes purchasing easier and your tackle box a more convenient place. It makes the 95mm lure look like it's got a bit of a fat head, but I kind of like that about it! There's a 2/0 hook for the 95mm body, and the 110 takes a 3/0.Body sizes are different lengths between the two.

Top tip: You can create a custom WHITE colour combo by matching the heads with the white body from the "Ivory Coast" colour combo. Not only is it slightly cheaper buying component parts separately (you get more for your cash) but a solid white combo will always be extremely popular in any lure range.


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