Spro Ikiru Mini Crank 38SL

What we have here is the shallow diving version of this mini 38mm crankbait. Perfect chub bait, those perch will love them too!

Spro Ikiru Mini Crank 38SL

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The floating Mini Crank lures with short lip and long lip cast surprisingly well but more importantly they have a great action under water and are a serious tease to predator such as Perch, Asp and Trout. We designed these mini-plugs to be slow floating; they will dive on retrieving and when you stop they will hang in the water before very slowly rising to the surface. When a predator follows the lure and it suddenly stops it will stay in his eye-sight for longer… you can even expect a bite when the lure slowly rises to the surface. A seriously exciting tiny lure with great, natural colour designs!

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