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Spro Insync 2.0 LRC 904S MH 75g

  • -23% Insync 2.0 LRC 904S MH 75g
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  • Brand: Spro

Ben says:
"Fast action, longer travel rod."


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Travel models from the brilliant Insync 2.0 range. Just like cheaper versions of the Tenryu Injection range, these rods are tippy and powerful in the butt. Great all-rounders really. Reliable blanks too! And the Microwave guides really are brilliant. You need to use them!

This is the 9', 25-75g model. These make a great bass rod, regardless of whether you are actually after a 4-piecer or not. packing down to 75cm, you can pack them down to fit in the car, or your suitcase. Very fast, tippy action and stacks of power in the butt means they'll cover most things if you need the length. There are shorter versions if not.

I'd say the 75g rating is generous at the top end, but they'll fish both WELL under 25g as well and also not quite much as the 75g stated.