Spro Guts Bait


Supplied as ONE rigged combo (head/hook/lure) with TWO spare bodies.

Thanks to Fiiish, weedless soft plastic lure combos are now all the rage. Now that so many companies are bringing their own versions to the table, it's been interesting seeing how each of them vary. 

What I like about the new Spro Guts models is their slimness. Unlike the chunky Black Minnow, I really like the profile of the Guts Bait. I also prefer the hook - being a super sharp Gamakatsu jobby. The rigging system too is much more secure, with the soft body pinned to the back of the head thanks to a couple of spikes. Then there are the two spare extra bodies per pack. There's not a lot not to love. The locals have been catching bass on them already. 

Size wise, the 11cm stated length is for the body, so total lure length is  12.5cm. 

Stated weight for these is 13g (which I presume is head only) but overall total weight is 21.8g.

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  • Crystal Sardine
  • Red Head

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Ben says:
"NEW! Slim, weedless bass lure."

  • Length: 5" (125mm)
  • Weight: 21.8g
  • Type: Combo