Spro Mobile Stick 240 10-30g 5sec


The Mobile Stick is specially designed for modern angling. This range is full of rods that break down practically into 5 sections between 0.47 and 0.67m. The range is complete with casting weights between 20 and 80gr meaning there is a rod in the range for most methods and species. Whether it be spinning for trout or jigging for pike there is a rod for you! The rods are also great for storing in the car, so when the opportunity arises you are always prepared!

CodeMobile StickLengthTransportWeightC.W.Sections
2643 210Dropshot2,10m0,47m145gr7-28gr5
2643 240Dropshot2,40m0,54m171gr7-28gr5
2643 211Spin 202,10m0,54m143gr5-20gr5
2643 241Spin 302,40m0,54m170gr10-30gr5
2643 242Spin 402,40m0,54m178gr15-40gr5
2643 270Spin 402,70m0,60m208gr15-40gr5
2643 243Spin 602,40m0,54m191gr20-60gr5
2643 271Spin 602,70m0,60m217gr20-60gr5
2643 300Spin 803,00m0,67m277gr35-80gr5
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Ben says:
"A superbly light all-round travel rod."