Sufix 832 Braid - 20lb - 120m


For a long time we waited for Sufix to enable us access to their more brightly coloured braids. They were always great lines, but we could never get anything but dark green in the UK. The 832 is one of the most robust 8 strand braids ever made. One of those fibres is a super strong Gore-Tex material for further durability. If you want strength and reliability over everything else, this is the one.

As with all things non-Japanese, the diameters and breaking strains can be difficult to compare to other brands. The PE ratings on some of the Sufix lines are utter madness. Go by the KG breaking strain and ignore ALL other numbers on the spool!

  • 5.9kg = 13lb. Use it as a light bass line for calmer conditions. Great durable, thin line perfect with soft plastics.
  • 8.2kg = 18lb. Use it as a light bass line. Your 1.0PE equivalent.
  • 9.2kg = 20lb. Your all-round bass line! Your 1.2PE equivalent.
  • 12.2kg = 26lb. One for rougher conditions, bigger lures, or just any time you need more strength. Your 1.5+PE equivalent.

Colour: bright green.

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