Sufix Super 21 Fluorocarbon - 150m


Such a nice fluorocarbon line by Sufix. On a 150m spool, I think it's designed to be a mainline really but what that basically means that it's more supple than most. As it turns out, that's actually what most of us seem to prefer from our leaders these days anyway, so it's not only a lovely line, but also a great value one too.

  • 0.28mm = 5.4kg (12lb)
  • 0.30mm = 6.3kg (14.5lb)
  • 0.35mm = 8.1kg (18lb)
  • 0.40mm = 9.0kg (20lb)

NOTE: As with all non-Japanese line manufacturers, this line is a complete oddity to me when you look at the spool specs! I'm most inclined to use the ratings as above as they're more comparable with lines we're familiar with. On the spools themselves you will also see other numbers; "PE" ratings and "LB Class". The PE ratings on the braids are COMPLETELY unrealistic at this point in time, and inaccurate when comparing to the Japanese lines we're used to selling. If you run by this guide you won't go wrong:

  • 0.28mm for calmer days or lighter rods. Consider it to be a 12lb breaking strain equivalent.
  • 0.30mm for lighter bass or wrasse work. Roughly around your usual 14lb mark.
  • 0.35mm for all-round bass or wrasse. Consider it similar to a normal 18lb kind of line.
  • 0.40mm for rougher ground bass stuff. Go for it if you usually use something in the 20lb region. 
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