Tackle House Vulture 120 - #01 Bright Plating


I really like this colour, even if it isn't the most popular as not so many people get to see it in the flesh before buying. In reality it has all the benefits of a brighter surface lure, while also being as natural as they come. The sides are a simple plated silver, while the back is mostly a scaled blue/grey pattern. Along the top of the head there is then a chartreuse section. With all surface lures I see this as a benefit - in that you can actually SEE where the lure is and how it's working. So this is a great natural colour that you can still see. Get me?! Brilliant.

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  • U0-1 (solid white)
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Ben says:
"Incredibly popular here in north Cornwall."

  • Length: ()
  • Weight: 20g
  • Buoyancy: Floating
  • Diving Depth: Surface
  • Type: Plug