Tailwalk Ajist TZ


Ajist TZ. THE best balanced rods I have ever had the pleasure of fishing! Ultra light rods with Fuji Torzite guides and titanium frames. About as high-end as LRF rods go. The rod just sits in your hand so, so effortlessly. Pure, pure class. The very, very best!

Mobile 64/SL: Solid tip. Max. 4g.  An incredibly little travel rod, this 4 piece model is far superior to many 2-piece models, just with the benefit of packing down TINY! Rated to 4g it's the perfect companion for angler looking to winkle out some exotic species from overseas harbours or pools, but also useful along the canal banks here for mobile dropshot and jig anglers.

69/SL: Solid tip. Max. 5g. It's about balance for me. On paper they may be a few grams off being the lightest around, but in terms of balance in the hand, they beat everything here. Put a high quality, lightweight reel on and you have a combo that balances as near to the reel seat as I have ever seen. The blanks are some of the slimmest I've ever seen too. I first saw the range at EFFTEX in Holland (2016) and knew we had to get them in. I'd known about the brand for a long, long time but had never seen them in the flesh. The action is light and crisp. This version will fish anything from a 0.5g jighead to a 4g dropshot weight. 

73: Tubular tip. Max. 10g. One of the very lightest and best balanced LRF rods going! Softer action than the stats suggest, it's a perfect light all-rounder.


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  • Mobile 64/SL - 4g (£349.99)
  • 69/SL - 5g (£339.99)
  • 73 - 10g (£349.99)

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Ben says:
"The most balanced, lightest feeling rods in the shop!"