Tailwalk Northern Rock VII


Finally we have a rod that is designed solely as a Rockfish/Wrasse rod! For the UK, this actually makes it one of the best all-rounders going, but here you have one of the very finest wrasse rods available!

7'6" in length it's perfect. Long enough for reach and short enough to make working/feeling lures easy while having maximum pulling power from the powerful bottom section. A certain amount of stiffness in the fast tip gives you perfect feeling while Texas rigs bounce along the bottom. It also however makes it an incredible rod to work surface lures with thanks to both this stiffness and the short handle - which makes twitching lures of any kind incredibly easy. This heavier model has already proven popular as a light inshore boat rod as well!

The cork grip is extremely comfortable.

76ML: 7'6" rated to 20g. Slightly lighter in the tip than the M model. Great for lighter lures in the 5g - 12g category.

76M: The recommended all-rounder. 7'6" rated to 28g. Capable with anything from 7g - 20g from a casting point of view, but will fish 25g Black Minnows and the line from the boat.

Interestingly, the tip measurements on both models are exactly the same. The tips are interchangeable. The extra power on the M model is from the butt, but we can see from the charts here that they're incredibly closely matched. I may stop selling one or the other in future as the difference is so minimal.

C72MH: Baitcasting model. 7'2" rated to 28g. Despite the similar ratings to above, this is a more powerful rod than the 76M, with larger tip and butt diameters. Great for dragging larger fish from snags or using with heavier lures. From the boat too.

C76H: Baitcasting model. 7'6" rated to 35g. A powerful rod - any bass angler picking one up with think the rating was closer to 50g.

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  • C72MH - 28g (£239.99)
  • S76ML - 20g (£239.99)
  • S76M - 28g (£249.99)
  • C76H - 35g (£249.99)

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7'2", 7'6"