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A genuine Japanese designed travel style bass rod. 6-piece models throughout the range mean they pack down tiny! All are fast action and very versatile tools within their length options.

NS695M: A great little 6'9" rod rated to 30g. Powerful, but versatile.

NS765L: 7'6" and rated to 25g this is a peach of a rod. Like all in the range, more powerful than you'd expect in the butt, but the light tip on this one means it'll fish light lures well.

NS866ML: 8'6" rated to 30g. Different from the 88 below, the tip on this one is slightly stiffer. A GREAT plugging rod, or one for casting metals at toothy critters.

NS886L: 8'8" rated to 28g. Sounds similar to above but the tip is a fair bit softer. Lovely with lighter soft plastics, as well as plugs to perhaps low 20's. Still plenty of power in the butt.

  • £239.99

Available Options
  • NS695M - 30g (£239.99)
  • NS765L - 25g (£259.99)
  • NS866ML - 30g (£279.99)
  • NS886L - 28g (£279.99)

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