Tailwalk Saltyshape Dash Micro Gamer

This is THE rod that I always wanted Tailwalk to add to their range. While a lot of their LRF rods have a very elastic, softish action, sometimes our perch and zander customers have wanted something with a bit more in the butt for setting hooks in to bony mouths. This rod is absolutely sublime. Super, super fast. Soft in the fine tubular tip, with more stiffness kicking in by the time you get half way down the tip section. It's an incredibly well balanced and light rod too. This is one of those that you MUST see.

S70UL: Max 16g. Will be happy down to about 2g and up to 10g. Ignore the 16g upper rating. It's a bit crazy. Consider it a much more genuine 10g rated rod than the rest which say 10 but won't do it.

S76UL: Max 18g. Similar to the 70 version, the 76 just adds a bit more length. Same applies to the rating. Very popular zander rods. 

The Micro gamer is another of the Tailwalk range that they've tried not to categorise. For us, canal zander immediately spring to mind but in almost any situation where you want to fish light for either bony or larger fish, this rod is incredible. This is THE rod for twitching a Ned rig!

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  • S70UL - 16g (£219.99)
  • S76UL - 18g (£229.99)

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Ben says:
"I love the super fast action. This is THE Ned rod range!"