Spro Iris The Boss

Iris The Boss

Introducing an exciting development to our extremely popular Iris Series. The Boss is the ultimate pike softbait. The action, attraction and durability were the key specifications set during the design process. The Boss features a unique upturned paddle tail which creates an incredibly seductive rolling action. The lure is perfect for use with stinger systems below the lure, in that the upturned tail loses no action and doesn't get tangled. Available in 8 attractive colours, all featuring the giant SPRO Iris eye!

4664 001Firetiger12cm
4664 002Redhead12cm
4664 003Roach12cm
4664 004Perch12cm
4664 005Rainbow Trout12cm
4664 006Rudd12cm
4664 007Mackerel12cm
4664 008Saibling12cm
4664 051Firetiger15cm
4664 052Redhead15cm
4664 053Roach15cm
4664 054Perch15cm
4664 055Rainbow Trout15cm
4664 056Rudd15cm
4664 057Mackerel15cm
4664 058Saibling15cm
4664 101Firetiger18cm
4664 102Redhead18cm
4664 103Roach18cm
4664 104Perch18cm
4664 105Rainbow Trout18cm
4664 106Rudd18cm
4664 107Mackerel18cm
4664 108Saibling18cm

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