Spro Custom 7.000

Custom 7.000

6 Ball bearings + 1 needle bearing One-Way clutch anti-reverse system Graphite body and rotor S-curve oscillation system
Titanium coated line roller against incising of braided line Oversized aluminum bail wire Special shallow aluminum spool with line clip designed for braided line (#2000 t/m 5000) Rubber ring in the spool core to prevent braided line from sliding (#2000 t/m 5000) Computer balanced rotor Machined aluminum handle with rubber handle knob Finely adjustable multi-disc drag system

CodeWeightRatioBB.m/mmCode Spare Spool
1311 710201gr5,0:16+1160/0,16 (Mono)1311 710 100
1311 740374gr4,6:16+1450/0,15 (Braid)1311 740 100
1311 750389gr4,6:16+1420/0,17 (Braid)1311 750 100
New Custom 4000fd 6+1bb Braid Alu Spool Custom 4000fd 6+1bb Braid Alu Spool


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