Spro Salt Ridge 6.000

Salt Ridge 6.000

This elegant spinning reel is built with stainless steel ball bearings providing extra protection against the elements. The reel was designed without an anti-reverse mechanism making it extremely reliable when used often in the toughest conditions.

5 Ball bearings + 1 needle bearing
No anti reverse for greater protection against water, sand and dirt.
Carbon housing and rotor
Aluminium spool with strong aluminium line clip
Saltwater resistant
Extra strong bail arm
Strong CNC handle with power grip
S-Curve oscillation system
Fine adjust multi-disc front drag system

CodeWeightRatioBBm/mmCode Spare
Spool Aluminium
1319 250294gr5,5:15+1200/0,241319 250 100
1319 300290gr5,5:15+1250/0,251319 300 100
1319 350335gr5,5:15+1250/0,281319 350 100
1319 400330gr5,5:15+1220/0,331319 400 100
1319 500464gr4,9:15+1260/0,371319 500 100
Salt Ridge 2500 Reel Salt Ridge 2500 Reel


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