Tict M-Caro Type L - 9.5g

  • -29% M-Caro Type L - 9.5g

Slower sinking than the equivalent lead weight, the Caro rig is a clever one for fishing light lures at distance allowing a form of presentation just not possible with a heavier jighead.

Fish with a roughly 40cm fluorocarbon trace below a micro swivel and bead. A jighead of between 0.2g and 1g completes the setup, and your soft plastic of choice - ideally 3" or less and slim! You want it light weight! When using a braided mainline, it is important that you still use a fluorocarbon leader for the rig to run on as you don't want the Caro sliding on your braid! A) there's the potential it will cause wear from sliding, and B) the suppleness of the braid may cause tangles.

This "L" version is the slowest sinking of the range.

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