Fish Arrow Flash J Shad SW 5"


I must admit, here on the north Cornish coast I've always been a fan of a good shad. That paddle tail kicks out a lot of vibration in to the extra swell that we usually have to contend with. Rigged weedless and with a light belly weight, you can drag them through the chop with ease. What's nice about the Flash Js is not only their incredibly realistic features, but the tail is so soft that they work at incredibly slow speeds. They've everything you could wish for in a weedless shad. Of course, you can chuck them on a jighead too. I've fished them a lot with the Owner Sled Head 4/0 in the past and had great success on those days when you just can't hold a weightless lure in the water where you want it to be.

If you're after monster Perch, Pike or Bass then this is the one!! The jumbo paddle tail is all set to send out monster vibration waves. It really is a combination of superb features all rolled in to one! Super realistic like all of the Flash J series!

Absolutely brilliant fished weedless and weightless or on a jighead in rougher conditions.

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Ben says:
"Swim brilliantly, even at slow speeds."

  • Length: ()
  • Weight: 14.1g
  • Buoyancy: Floating
  • Type: Shads
  • Pack size: 4