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The Eginn rods sound like they might be squid rods (the "egi" reference), but they're not! What we have here are the lightest, crispest "borderless" lure rods that we've ever supplied! Many Japanese brands now create ranges of rods designed to be true all-rounders. Crossing and filling the gap between squid and seabass rods. To make our lives more simple however, Tailwalk were kind enough to create a few more "seabass" specific models - those ending with "R" (regular). 

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EGinn 106M-R EGinn 106M-R
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EGinn 96ML-R EGinn 96ML-R
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So what makes the Eginn rods so good?

It's all in the blank.


What are "Borderless" rods?

A few Japanese brands are now realising the effectiveness of creating ranges of rods that cover more than one style of lure fishing.

Many anglers in Japan already mix and match their fishing rods between squid and seabass applications, appreciating that a species label on the blank should not restrict a rods uses - if it's right for a job. Therefore, creating "borderless" (versatile) ranges of rods is beginning to make more sense. Many of the design features between the Egi (squid) rods and Seabass rods are shared. So it makes sense that the rods from each category can cross over between the two. Squid rods often feel a bit stiffer in the middle so that squid jigs can be jerked aggressively, but often this can be what we want from a bass rod too. With our understanding of lure types evolving and our options being wide open, we don't want rods today to be one-trick-ponies.

Borderless rods are versatile and not limited in their intended prey or lure types. The EGinn range backs up this theory splendidly. These are the most versatile rod ranges available today.


Models Available

There are nine models in the range covering lengths from a lightweight 7'7" rod to a long "finesse", 10'6" option. All of these are super light, versatile rods suited to fresh or salt water and any species therein.

  1. EGinn 77L. Length: 7'7". Casting weight: maximum 20g. Rod weight: 91g.
    A super light all-rounder that will fish anything from an LRF metal to a mini Texas rig to a small surface lure (like the Patchinko 100) to a 3" shad on a jighead for perch.
  2. EGinn 80MH. Length: 8'0". Casting weight: maximum 42g. Rod weight: 115g.
    The most powerful rod in the range and one that I love for the inshore boat fishing crew. Superb wrasse rods too as the extra stiffness gives brilliant bottom contact and feeling. Incredibly light for such a powerful rod. One for the Patchinko II lures as well!
  3. EGinn 81ML. Length: 8'1". Casting weight: maximum 28g. Rod weight: 100g.
    Another all-round model (that's the nature of the Borderless concept). Great light wrasse rod, estuary bass rod or river perch/zander rod.
  4. EGinn 83M. Length: 8'3". Casting weight: maximum 35g. Rod weight: 115g.
    The next step up power wise for river zander or chub anglers. Great for wrasse too on the HRF side of things. One for larger squid jigs.
  5. EGinn 86L-R. Length: 8'6". Casting weight: maximum 24g. Rod weight: 113g.
    My favourite in the range. A light bass rod for calm conditions and smaller lures. Any lure. Great on the river too for folks who want a longer perch rod.
  6. EGinn 86ML. Length: 8'6". Casting weight: maximum 28g. Rod weight: 115g.
    A little more grunt than the 86L-R. Brilliant for larger jigheads on the river and a great HRF rod. Squid jigs go very well on this one too.
  7. EGinn 88M. Length: 8'8". Casting weight: maximum 35g. Rod weight: 125g.
    One for the squid, bass, HRF and river rods. handling all lure types with ease, this is one of our favourites. I've always loved an 8'8" rod!
  8. EGinn 96ML-R. Length: 9'6". Casting weight: maximum 35g. Rod weight: 131g.
    More bass specific than others in the range (just because we rarely use rods this long for anything else). The BEST bass all-rounder we've ever sold. All lure types in any conditions.
  9. EGinn 106-R. Length: 10'6". Casting weight: maximum 45g. Rod weight: 153g.
    The lightest most superb ultra light bass rod I've ever seen. Extremely capable with any lure from an unweighted plastic to a 40g+ metal. Unbelievable (but true)!

Design Features

One of the nicest things about the EGinn range is the simple, no-faffing design. Aesthetically they're incredibly inoffensive. The carbon effect rear grip gives a touch of (comfortable) class, but the handle design is functional and very comfortable - without the bling.

The guides are super hard Fuji Sic inserts with top quality stainless frames. Until the recent introduction of titanium frames and Torzite inserts, the SiC/Stainless combination was top of the class. These are super hard, smooth inserts that have never let anybody down. The frames may not be 100% corrosion resistant like titanium, but if you - like most - look after your rods then you'll get some good years of use before ever needing a replacement or upgrade.

In fact, it's an immense accomplishment that Tailwalk have managed to produce such a superb, light, steely rod that doesn't even include the highest quality guides of the day! This is a sure sign of just how good the Eginn blank is! I've never seen anything like it for quality in this price range. Indeed, I strongly believe that with titanium/Torzite accompaniments, these could be £500+ rods and nobody would quibble when comparing them with others in the price range. I actually think they'd pick the EGinn through preference.


EGinn Rod Reviews

Henry Gilbey has fished with and so far reviewed two of the longer bass models - the 96 and 106. Links to his reviews can be found below.


Final Thoughts

The Eginn rods are so sublime that I would strongly recommend visiting the shop to compare them with all of the other options available we have here today. There is currently not a rod on the rack - irrespective of price - that has the lightness, crispness or versatility of the EGinn. It's always hard for me online to be so complimentary of a range of rods and to be taken seriously by anybody reading. They sound too good to be true. When you do the comparisons for yourself, you'll see. I promise.